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How to use the dehumidifier for a longer life


How to use the dehumidifier for a longer life

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2018/12/11 11:41
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      1. After the dehumidifier is used for a period of time, the air inlet filter will accumulate dust, and the dust will accumulate too thick and too thick, which will affect the dehumidification effect. Therefore, the filter should be cleaned frequently. Make front and rear ventilation smooth.
       2. Dehumidifiers using humidity sensors, humidity sensors are generally placed on the ventilated surface. If the environment is not good, the humidity sensor can be displayed and controlled by the sensor if it is blocked by dust. After using the user for a period of time, use a soft brush to remove dust from the sensor and keep the sensor fresh.
       3. When the dehumidifier is not used for a long time, the power plug should be unplugged to clean the whole machine. Volatile oil, thinner and detergent may cause damage to the machine. Do not use it. The water tank should be cleaned of water to avoid breeding bacteria.
       4. When the dehumidifier is used for a long time, stop it at least once a week, do some general maintenance, see if the machine filter needs cleaning, and whether the machine has abnormal sound.
       5. The dehumidifier controlled by digital microcomputer is not allowed to be disassembled by non-professionals because of its precise control of the original device. Operators should also not change functions frequently, which will reduce the service life.
       6. The refrigeration type dehumidifier is dehumidified by the principle of compressor refrigeration. Since the compressor is a component with high technical content and the heart of the whole dehumidifier, the compressor has certain requirements on the quality of the power grid. Use in an unstable voltage environment can cause problems such as short circuit of the compressor coil. Therefore, when the voltage fluctuation is large, the dehumidifier should be stopped and the regulator should be used instead. Dehumidifiers that use a microcomputer to control voltage protection are not subject to the above conditions.
       7. Dehumidifiers with reciprocating compressors, when the body needs to be moved, the body should not tilt more than 45°. It is absolutely forbidden to invert or lie horizontally, which is easy to cause the internal shock absorbing spring of the compressor to be unhooked, which makes the compressor use a lot of noise or can not be used normally.