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Qianjing Electric

Dehumidification and humidification machine, temperature control dehumidifier, pipe dehumidifier
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Congratulations to the official website of Hangzhou Haojing Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Congratulations to the official website of Hangzhou Haojing Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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2018/12/11 11:42
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Hangzhou Haojing Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest scientific and technological enterprises that researches, develops, produces and sells “Dexisenli” brand dehumidification equipment and undertakes various dehumidification engineering design and installation. Since its inception in 2002, the company has taken "customer first, pursuit of excellence" as the driving force and goal of the company, and has continuously made the company grow stronger and grow healthily. In July 2008, we cooperated with internationally renowned company Mori Electric Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd. to jointly develop and develop various types of rotary dehumidifiers, freeze dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers, household dehumidifiers, industrial humidifiers, industrial chillers. Several groups of companies with several specifications and thousands of models. With more than 110 engineers and technicians and professional production personnel who have professional equipment research and development, the company has accumulated more than 20 years of technology and experience to ensure the advanced and reliable products of “Desisenli” products.
       In order to meet the different needs of domestic and foreign markets, the company selected the world's most advanced honeycomb runner manufacturer Sweden PROFLUT company, Japan SEIBU GIKEN company, Germany SIEMENS company as a technology partner, the products reached the international advanced level. It has a good reputation in the domestic industry. Become a well-known brand and industry leader in the domestic dehumidifier industry.
       The company strictly follows the ISO quality management system, and the dehumidifier series products have obtained the 3C certification of China National Products, and the People's Insurance Company of China provides quality assurance insurance. And the introduction of foreign advanced production technology and management concepts. Using high-quality and reliable supporting hardware, relying on advanced testing instruments and scientific and rigorous testing methods to ensure the stability and reliability of each factory equipment.
       DXS rotary dehumidifier, DXB rotary dehumidification air conditioning unit, DXH low dew point dehumidification unit, DXK central air conditioning unit, DXY four season mobile dehumidification unit, DXR full heat exchanger, MOH refrigeration dehumidifier, MOH industrial dehumidifier, MOH household Dehumidifiers, MOH civil dehumidifiers, DXC industrial humidifiers, DXSF industrial chillers and other 12 series of thousands of specifications. Widely used in medicine, chemical, chemical fiber, food, electronics, battery, glass, rubber, cigarette, textile, warehousing, military and other industries, users all over the world. Including many large international units, leading enterprises in the industry and many Fortune 500 companies, it has become a long-term business partner of our company.
       With the design concept of “super dehumidification, energy saving and environmental protection, and high efficiency”, the company has beautiful appearance, simple operation, superior performance, high efficiency and low noise. Each product has an automatic control system for low temperature and low humidity environments. Adhering to the business philosophy of "Quality comes from the focus of innovation and glory" and the quality policy of "continuous innovation, excellence", "customer satisfaction" as our ultimate goal, dedication to provide customers with high quality and dehumidification energy-saving products. , efficient and professional after-sales service, technical services of superb system. For the majority of domestic and foreign users to create a more perfect humidity space and make unremitting efforts.